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Is this the most inviting sight you are likely to see today? What would you like to do with this amazing round and brown booty?? Me – well I would drop to my knees and take a taste, I would sweep my tongue between those swollen lips taking in a sample of her juice before rising to my feet and taking her good and hard from behind.

I can only imagine what that large ebony booty would feel like like slapping against my lower abdomen with each thrust as I buried my cock deep into her smooth pussy. I might even tease that tight looking chocolate button with my thumb as I plunge into her dark depths.


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Her pubic hair trimmed around the edges, her legs spread wide and her lips slightly parted to expose her swollen coffee bean, how would you like to tease this exposed clit with your tongue? Her pussy already looks a little moist, I bet it wouldn’t take too much teasing before she was allowing your cock to part those juicy lips even further.


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My next door neighbour was a bit of a flirt, I had always fancied her but never had I dare make a move, I wasn’t even sure if she fancied white guys or not. The other day she asked me if I could pop in and tighten the hose on her washing machine, she asked if I could give it 30 minutes before doing so as she had something she needed to do first. I didn’t mind in the slightest, how could I when she was wearing those tight lycra leggings which she often wore, they were so tight they nearly always exposed her vagina giving her the most gorgeous looking cameltoe and this time it was no exception.

I knocked on the door and at first I was disappointed to see her standing there in a change of clothing, she was wearing a blue dress. Then my gaze fell upon on the chest area, I could clearly see her brown nipples poking out through the flimsy material, wow she wasn’t wearing a bra. We made polite conversation for a while and I couldn’t help but notice that she kept giving me a very seductive smile, was this wishful thinking on my part? We made our way to her kitchen and I tightened the join on her washing machine, it didn’t take more than five minutes.

As I turned around ready to lift myself back to my feet there she was, standing right in front of me giving me a clear view of her shaved black pussy from underneath her skirt, it was just inches away from me. She knew what she was doing, it was no accident and she was peering straight at me, again with that seductive look. Her black lips were slightly swollen, plumped up and ripe, this was a pussy aching for action, the lack of any hair even the slightest amount of stubble indicated that she was used to waxing everything off and I knew she was going to be as smooth as smooth could be around that inviting vulva.

I don’t know why I didn’t lift up to greet her womanhood, instead I positioned myself and laid back on the floor, boy was I going to feel stupid if she walked away and would I ever get over the regret of not taking my chance the moment it was presented to myself. My fear was short lived as she straddled me, her feet either side of me chest. Standing there for a short moment it seemed like an eternity before she lowered that gorgeous black pussy down to meet with my face and yes it was silky smooth.

In my mind I had envisaged a slow gentle licking motion to get her going however as soon as contact was made I became like a hungry wolf opening my mouth wide engulfing as much of her pussy as I could. Using her hands to steady herself on the kitchen work surface she was able to remain in a crouched position giving me full and deep access to her ebony pussy as she drove it into my probing tongue. Grasping her firm butt cheeks I pulled her in closer, my nose, my mouth and my chin were drenched with her flowing love juices and if I could have bottled the  sweet musky scent I swear I would be a millionaire.


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Just look at this set of juicy black pussy lips – What if I told you that there was a chance you could be slipping your cock into this black slit or that you might be in with a chance of running your tongue along those inviting lips? You would think I was mad for suggesting such a thing however this image has been uploaded by one of the ladies looking for a no strings sex date at find a fuck buddy. It is an adult dating site for men and women who are looking for nothing more than a meet and fuck date, no romance, no boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios just pure adult sex.


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How would you like to be greeted by this fine juicy black pussy? Fuck me I wouldn’t know if I should bury my face into her mound and that tight black slit or just plunge my cock in as far as it would go. Look at the thickness of those plump lips, they are just waiting to be noshed.


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With the title of this being ebony fuck dates I guess there are no prizes for guessing what these ladies all have in common? They are all genuine images taken from the profiles of ladies who are looking for no strings sex dates. Genuine women who are looking for a guy to show them a good time. You can find out more and check these ladies profiles out on our Ebony Dates page.

Long gone are the days where geeky type people were the only ones that used Internet dating sites, in fact these geeks were the ones who discovered the hidden fruits and excitement of online fuck dates. Online meeting places where men and women meet up for pure fun no strings sex.

While others were non believers that women would actually join a dating site just to get laid these guys were getting in there first and spreading their seed around as much horny pussy as they could. If you would like to find out more about fuck buddy dating Click Here.

I used the free membership option and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of women who had filled out their profiles hoping to catch some cock with an adult fuck buddy. I was even more pleasantly surprised when less than 48 hours later I had two offers for some genuine pussy.


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A true ebony amateur that prefers white cock in that tight black pussy of hers and why not? Aryana has quite some talent when it comes to cock sucking and she confesses to enjoying the taste of man cum. Although I would find it hard to resist her offer to spunk off in her mouth I think I would prefer to come knocking on her back door. Banging that tight ebony pussy while grasping onto that ass and enjoying the sight of her lady butterfly as I spread those ass cheeks just edges it for me.

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What is a horny ebony teen supposed to do when her black pussy gets a love itch and there is nobody around to satisfy her aching hairy teen pussy? With one hand concentrating on her tits and working her own nipples and the other firmly placed above her clitoral hood watch this ebony teen as she self pleasures that gorgeous and inviting pussy of hers.

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Do you like to admire your work after you have fucked a juicy black pussy? Does it turn you on wanting seconds when you see your lover oozing cum juice out of her love hole with a sticky creampie ebony pussy? If you do I assume you prefer a clean shaven and smooth pussy rather than the natural hairy look where the pubes prevent the flow trickling over your lovers soft skin and down to her ass crack?

The image above captures the moment just a second before this black pussy erupts like a volcano spewing out her lovers cum. I believe he planted his seed just a moment too soon leaving her pussy still aching for a final orgasm. As he removes his thick cock she starts rubbing her clit waiting for the big ‘O’ to rip through her body, as she rubs one out you get to see the man juice ooze from her pink lips in a spectacular ebony creampie pussy moment.

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When I broke my virginity it was with an older female, a married lady who was in great shape and a mother of two, sex was fantastic and I thought I was the dogs bollocks being able to brag to my mates about how I was the man. The older lady brings sexual experience and they certainly know a few tricks, the first squirting pussy I ever witnessed was that of an older lady.

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It wasn’t until a few years later that I managed to find myself a teen virgin, fuck me how it all felt so much different slipping my cock into a tight ebony teen pussy. I remember she was 19 at the time and my cock felt like it was going to split her cunt open it was so tight but her extra wet snatch just seemed to flow like a never ending tap of love juice.

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What many ebony teens lack in experience they make up for with their energy and tight slender bodies, they also have an innocence of not having tried things before so they rarely say no to new suggestions. From blow jobs to anal and deep pussy fucking their tight holes, ebony teen pussy is amongst the finest you will ever experience.

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